Some spotting at Cape town!

Hello IFC!

I did some spotting today at FACT (Cape town) and had some interesting shots.
This was on the Expert server at around noon

So, here they are. These are edited and I think I went a “tad” bit overboard but I think they turned out OK!
So here they are! Any feedback would be great!

First off, we have a TUI 737 exiting the runway next to a Alaska “More To Love” livery.

Next we have a Srilankan A330-300 pushing back next to a South African A330-300 parked at the gate!

Next, we have a beautiful Emirates 77W pushing back next to, not 1 but 2, South African A330’s!

Now we have a KLM 77W landing right next to a Cathy Pacific 77W!
Are they 77W’s having a family reunion or what?😂

Finally we have, a Turkish 77W going around after ANOTHER Turkish airlines 77W enters the runway! Not 1 but 2 Turkish 77W’s!

Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to leave some feedback, thanks!


Oh that last one looks


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Hmm, I couldn’t find that one in the dictionary…

Thanks, @TransportForLife!

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There isn’t a lot to love about seeing this livery in Africa 🤦‍♂️

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Yea, I saw that!😂 I thought I would just put that in because I “love” the colors…

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