Some specials and rarities + a variety of planes: A trip to Hamburg (EDDH) airport!

After the holidays I took a trip from my hometown to the “big“ city up north, Hamburg. The airport sees quite a few flights with many different carriers and offered the opportunities for many firsts in spotting for me!

First of was the unexpected D-AIDV, Lufthansa‘s retro A321, on its rotation from/to Munich:

Also at the airport was the HB-JCK one of SWISS‘s A220s, on its rotation from/to Zurich, overtaking an Emirates B777 for a quick takeoff back to Switzerland:

And here’s the big one, the Emirates B777, which made the spotting terrace shake upon engine start:

Also a very welcome first for me was a close up of Lufthansa’s new livery, first on an A319…:

Another first was the British Airways A320NEO, showing off its new, bigger engines being raced by an Eurowings A320:

Before departing to the north for the hop to Heathrow:

Slowly the sun set over Hamburg and it came the time for nightshots.
First one of the rarest catches of the trip, a Rossiya A319:

As it was getting darker it was also time for the taxi lights, as seen here on one of Eurowings’ (well rather Germanwings’) A319s:

Finishing up the topic are two close up terminal shots, of an Eurowings A320:

And probably my favourite, a Lufthansa A321 featuring the stunning new livery!

I hope you enjoyed the post and would appreciate any comments and replies, thanks for taking the time to scroll through!


Wow! Amazing shots! Well done!

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Thank you very much!

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How long are you there? Meetup incoming👀?

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Unfortunately not based in EDDH, has just been a day trip, but I will definitely come back at some point (probably even in January)!

If you like send me a DM and I will write when I plan to return to HAM!

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I was there, same day but another Spot, awesome i think i saw you xD

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Really cool! Have been on both the T1 and T2 spotting terrace and in the terminal. Was a great visit and the amount of great movements is amazing!

next weekend i will be there once again, Hamburg Airport is just awesome as a north german xD

And really busy for someone from a smaller airport…

Yea, i have the chance of seeing 12 aircrafts in the Winter a day, G/A , private jets and flight shool not includet. In the Sommer the Number raises up to ~30, so sometimes spotting isnt that easy for me. I just hope to go to Amsterdam and Frankfurt one day in the future.

We should meet up at EDDH in the future possibly xD

It was really busy on Friday, but in summer the holiday traffic is there too, like you said.

I will DM when I return!

That Lufthansa livery on the first A321 🤤

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Have been wanting to see that one for ages and then I step out of the door as it vacated the runway. That’s the kind of surprise I like!

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These are some stunning pictures! I love the shot of the C-Series/A220. What camera do you use if you don’t mind me asking?

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Thank you very much! I use the Sony DSC-HX99, feel free to PM me for more details!

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The last pic is the best 😍👍🏽Nice pics

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Thank you very much!

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