Some Special Bois At KORD

hello ppl of IFC,

I am back once again with another spotting topic, but this wasn’t any normal day, it was full of surprises. So lets get started! I’m running out of ideas and slowly dying inside

Starting off strong with an Atlas Air 747-8f from Anchorage

Next, we have my personal favorite, the British Airways 787-9 from London

This was a bit of a surprise, a Dassault Falcon from who knows where

Number 4, another big boi aka the Kalitta Air 747-400F from Anchorage

Next, the good ol german boi, the Lufthansa 747-8i from Frankfurt

This Cathay 777 flight from Hong Kong used to be a daily occurrence but now its around once or twice a week

Next up, the little brother of the Atlas 748, the Atlas 747-400BCF also from Anchorage, it even has the same blank vertical stabilizer

Next, a United 777-200ER in the Evo Blue livery from Denver

Next up is the most generic 747 for ORD, the China Airlines Cargo 747-400F from you guessed it, Anchorage

Finally, a KLM 777-200ER from Amsterdam

Thanks For Viewing! Stay Safe!



Must be amazing spotting at KORD with all those 747s

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just wanna bump :)

Lovely shots Matt!

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