Some Special Birdies // KVGT General Aviation Spotting


So today I finally convinced my parents to take me to the airport, and we stayed for 3 hours! It was a pretty epic trip, and we went around to about 5 different spots looking for the best planes and lighting. Some were heavily edited, and some not at all. Please enjoy :)


Not the best shot I took (grainy because of crop) but it was still pretty cool to see these guys come in for a parallel landing.

And a sorta cool heli kicking up a ton of dust.


There was this SR22 literally 5 feet from the fence that I got some epicc pics from.


Here is a helicopter that was pretty cool.


If you know, you know.

Also a pretty epic jet from Airshare!


Sorta looks like the Widget Livery from Delta… you think so?

Friendly pilot smiles as he passes me.

These guys were nice also as they brought their aircraft back to the hangar :)

And unfortunately that’s my 10 picture limit. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Thanks for taking a quick look :)


Amazing shots!!!

I love the DA40, It’s almost the same livery that the one i flew, and that yellow plane is for sale, so yall know what to do

spam the number on the paper until they give it to us for free ;)

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