Some Special Birdies // KVGT General Aviation Spotting (PART 2)

Here is part TWO for you.

First part can be found here: Some Special Birdies // KVGT General Aviation Spotting - Real World Aviation / Spotting - Infinite Flight Community

Enjoy the pics!


A “Vision Air” Do228. Apparently this airline used to operate from North Las Vegas. This baby seems to need a bit of work if she ever was to fly again.


This was where the airline must have stored the fleet after it ceased ops in 2017. Some of the planes have a cool little paint job on the nose.

Here is a sorta random fighter jet. If you know what type it is, please let me (and @Butter_Boi know lol).

1989 Gulfstream owned by Gold Aviation

Maybe one of my favorite finds of the day. A little old “Bowers” homebuild that seems to have been abandoned. The poor old gal just sits in the sun, with no wings and a crooked stabilizer. Hoping someone finds the time to fix her up (maybe I would if shes still there after college).

Another oldie but a goodie, left out in the sun.

There was a whole lineup of these older planes.

Beacon but not.

Well, that’s all I have.

Favorite pic?
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Thanks for taking a look!



Go Alec ur on a roll!

That little broken birb is my fav :)

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@Alec, here is your answer :)


Ah yes, thats what I thought as well


Amazing shots!

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The 9th pic that’s a bonanza why would someone leave that thing out it’s such a great aircraft.

Amazing shots those are incredible finds as well.

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