Some Southwest shots

Hi all! On Sunday there was a SWV internal event. I took some photos, really from an ATC perspective. Here are the shots!
The route they flew was KONT-KSJC, and this occurred on expert server.

A tail line up at KONT

@anon42527263 lifting off while @BigBert10 gets the clearance to take off

“One flight ends while another begins”

Some misc shots.

A winglet view of the ramp

Illinois one taxis to the gate.

Hope you all enjoyed these photos! Have a great rest of your day/afternoon/night.


Loved to be part of this. Thank you so much for the ATC by the way!
Wonder how this looked from your perspective 😂

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I am really happy for whoever that Delta B752 was! That person performed the right loop out of SJC! 😃


It was so great! Thanks for all that sweet atc!

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Regrets leaving SWVA…


you can always join again

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Some Awesome Southwest Shots

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