Some Shots

I hope you enjoy them

These photos are in São Paulo where I make a stop. It was on the route from Buenos Aires over São Paulo to Doha. Plane:777-200lr

These are on Maccaren international airport. Route: Klas-Kord
Airplane:737-800. The second picture is a little race between him and me😉


Make sure to read the rules of the screenshots and videos category before posting. As all HUD, players names, etc are to be hidden. Also welcome to the community as this is your first topic.


If you use replay mode. I think you can recreate those shots and make them look even better!😉


Ok thank you guys next time i will do it better


Hey they’re still really nice shots, keep it up:) but in replay mode:))

and do not forget to hide the names, according to the rules it has to be this way, but do not stop that you’re doing well.