Some shots with the QF330!

He guys! I’ve recently been hopping around in the marvelous Qantas A330-300 in Infinite Flight. I just decided to take some basic, but effective shots of this aircraft. Enjoy!

Route 1

Aircraft Qantas Airbus A330-300
Flight Time: 9 Hours & 33 Minutes
Server: Expert

Here we are, lining up in the exuberant Qantas A330, ready and raring for departure on runway 34 bound to Tokyo Narita.

I just could not resist taking a moon shot!

Route 2

Aircraft Qantas A330-30
Flight time: 3 Hours & 43 Minutes
Server: Expert

Here are some snaps of us on short final of Runway 34 again in the Qantas A330. Enjoy!

Hope you liked these snaps! :)