Some shots of the VABB FLYOUT on the 26th

I am posting these photos of an amazing event hosted by @king_ps09 at Mumbai or VABB with IFATC cover on the 26th. of January, which happened to be the Indian Independence Day. Thanks a lot to @AirIndiavirtual and @anon42857826 for sponsoring this wonderful event. So given below are some pictures of my flight from Mumbai (VABB) to Dubai (OMDB) on the Emirates A388. Flying with me are @DhruvChopra, @Patel_Mayur and @king_ps09 all headed to DXB. Hope you enjoy these pictures!

Spawning in at V13 at Mumbai. Beginning of a great event.

Commencing takeoff roll, spooling over runway 27 at BOM while an Indigo A320 holds short at taxiway N1.

Flying right below @king_ps09 at FL370. Better tailwinds down here that at FL400.

Night is here! Above the Arabian Sea.

Seconds before planting mains as the moon sets in for the night.

Slowing down at 30R at DXB, the end of a great flight.

@DhruvChopra and @Patel_Mayur coming in to land!

Thanks for viewing! Please leave comments below and like this, if you find these pictures nice.


Lovely photos as always @Siddhansh , keep it up!

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Nice photos @Siddhansh, The 787’s are really nice, and the beautiful moon.

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Thanks a lot @king_ps09 Great event!

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@Siddhansh i think you mean Indian Republic Day and beautiful Photos


Lol yea…thanks a lot! It was fun flying with you!

Thanks a lol @Mr-plane-guy1!!

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Great shots @Siddhansh!!

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Thanks a lot @Ifly_guy_yt . Really appreciate it!

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