Some screenshots from the Manchester Flyout event

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1) Background to the photos

Flight Info: Manchester to Houston
flight time: 10 hours
Airline: Singapore

Sitting at the gate with a fellow Singapore aircraft
waiting in the longest que i have ever been in

Two shots here one from the cabin and a external shot cruising over the Atlantic Short final to runway 8L at houston Landing at Runway 8L Crossing runway 26L Taxing to the gate with a really nice sunrise finally arrived at gat D05 at Houston

i loved the event and i hope you love these photos just as much


Nice photos! 👍

Hey those are some great shots and im sure that the event was really fun! but… you have the airplane boxes and names in your shots which are not allowed in the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos i would recommend you read this before posting

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Nice ! Just landed in Singapore 😁

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ohhh i see thanks

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