Some scenes that made me so sad

Look at these ready-to-fly Transaero planes grounded at VKO.
Note: I was onboard an Mahan Air A310


They became bankrupt and I think the government force revoked the license. So that’s why they’re like that.

I know. But this is a sad scene.
That 777-300 readt to rock the skies fallen in middle of the airport eating rust.

Yeah, it’s sad to see planes that are ready to fly just sit there. I hope they can get new owners.

If my future airline was working, I would have bought 'em

Weren’t those planes awating a new operator?

Guess not?

Planes engines have to be run every 3 weeks or they will break they better hurry up

Wasn’t their call sign “TransSoviet?” That’s legit old school right there.


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