Some Ryanair pilots need to learn how to land

This video shows some firm landings for Ryanair, although they aren’t bad.


Well… You get what you pay for. Next up an intentional belly landing!

@ZaidSal @Nick_Catalano Can you guys land a 737NG?


Laurens #rekingpeoplesince2016


Smoothly bro

Wait, you judge a pilot’s skill on the softness of the landing? I’d say there is more to it than that.


Ryanair pilots are actually very competent and their training is probably some of the best out there. I speak from experience of knowing some as friends and flying with them in the sim.

Do not make the mistake of thinking LCC=poor pilots.


@Danman He never said he judges them by that, he asked if they were capable of landing a 737NG…

It looks like half of these are down to bad filming rather than the landing. Plus, these are just the ‘worst’ landings, every airline has good and bad landings.

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I’m a humble human being. I highly admire the work of any pilot.


I wish there was a place we could send these guys to try to fly a real plane. If they are so full of themselves to think they can do it, let them crash.


Idk why but some of them seemed like the flare was right and everything was going well. I thought it was going to be smooth until it actually touched down. Crazy how little things like (another 100 fpm added to your vs) change the landing completely.

Though I am not a pilot, I can imagine that most pilots make at least one hard/substandard landing.

I’ve been in a Delta Connectiom CRJ-900 that was planted firmly into the runway and does that mean I go around yelling all Delta Connection pilots can’t land? No. Ryanair deserves the same treatment, whether you like the airline or not.


This is a terrible landing but I don’t go round saying ANA pilots are terrible and the airline is rubbish!

It’s not all the pilots that give the plane a firm touchdown on the runway. But some of those landing were pretty harsh. You could clearly tell by the sound of the passengers reactions

That may be true, but are you aware that InfiniteFlight only includes the basics of the basics’ basics? When flying with PC simulators like FSX you’ll quickly notice that there’s a bit more to do than pushing back, taxiing, taking off and landing.
I am being honest, I would never be able to land a 737 IRL, I am happy with my glider ;)


I’d like to see you guys try to land a 737NG. The shocks on them are very firm to begin with so you feel even the smoothest landings. Also, there are plenty of times where it is SOP to hit the runway harder, such as standing water. That is so you don’t hydroplane down the runway on the water.


Sign me up to fly one of those. I feel sad for those abused 737s.

No, he/she judged them by saying that they need to learn how to land in the title.

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