Some runways not appearing on Approach options (ATC side)

This is weird.
I logged into IF (Training Server) as the Approach controller at KSFO, and this is what the runway options (under the “expect vectors” menu) looked like:

From the picture, you’ll be able to see that only 3 of the 4 wind-favoring runways appeared on the list. You might also notice that some of the runways were missing their red approach cone things (I’m not sure what their name is).

Is this a glitch, or was there some kind of ATC update that I never heard about?

One thing to note is that I’ve never tried doing ATC controlling on this device before. (Until now, it’s always been on my other iPad.)

device details

This is a new iPad 6th Generation (2018); 32GB model, ~12.1 GB free space remaining.
iOS 12.1.1 (updated earlier today)
more details may be provided upon request

From what I can see, I believed you clicked on the “ILS” option as the other runways seem to have only GPS approaches.


Mods please delete this topic
Apparently I don’t know IF’s ATC as well as I thought 😂


Lesson learned… It’s happened to me too…