Some Robbie pictures (Non boring fixed wing pictures)!

Went out today and took the R22 out!
Here’s some fun pictures of the R22 landing to meet a friend of mine!


When I saw that title I though Maybe he’s finally decided realised that fixed wing is great and then I clicked on the topics to find it was clickbait and he just was posting more photos of boring helicopters.


What else would he post?

Nice pics btw lol


Do you even have a car or is this it?

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I have a register historical 1976 GMC K15 That I’m working on lol

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Fixed wing = Boring
Rotor wing = Non boring

Well, it depends your liking.

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Well let me explain lol
When I flew to Dutch harbor in a 1900 we got to FL220 turned the auto pilot on and watched a movie that was super boring lol

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Flying helicopters in one of the worlds most beautiful locations. You’re kinda living a dream here. Beautiful!

I’m on my way (as soon as I win the lottery)! 😂

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Always have extra room for a passenger anytime you’re in Alaska or Washington!


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