Some recent pics! KJFK, KEWR! meetup with @pingu

Hello everyone! While I may not be too active within the Infinite Flight community, I still like to share my spotting images and experiences with fellow av-geeks! So here goes. The first few images were taken at EWR, when I met up with @Pingu! He is such a fun kid and it was a blast! Photos below were either taken on a Sony A7iii or a Sony a9 ii.

Pictured here is a United Boeing 787-10 decelerating on runway 4R at EWR, after a flight from Tel Aviv! (Sony A7iii)

Here is another United 787-10, booming down 4L at EWR, bound for Tel Aviv! (Sony A7iii)

Pictured here is a brand spanking new Evo Blue 77W that belongs to United Airlines! This photo doesn’t have the greatest light and I apologize for that! Any-who, this bird is slowing down on runway 4R, after a flight from London! Sony a7iii (this pic features @Pingu)

Here is a Jetblue A321 banking out of EWR’s 22R, for Sint Maarten! (Sony a7iii)

Well, well, well. The infamous Canarsie climb! This day, I was out spotting with @jfkjetsofficial (on Instagram) and we managed to catch this 789 banking out of JFK’s runway 31L! This aircraft was bound for LHR! (Sony a9 ii)

This LATAM 787-8 following the intense Canarsie bank out of JFK, bound for SCL!

Last but certainly not least, a China Southern banks out of 31L at JFK, bound for CAN! This is the 787th Dreamliner ever made!

To conclude, I hope you really enjoyed! You can find more pictures like these on my instagram, @spotting.ny!

Thanks for reading and looking at my photos!


Much better than mine haha


You are doing amazing! This was a fun day! :)

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How can you take photos in a suitable place? I am very curious.

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You have…an A7iiii…and an A9ii…

What’d you do, rob JFKJets?


These are really good pictures, especially the Virgin Atlantic 787-9 & the UA Evo Blue landing from LHR!


thanks ran! :)


I would’ve gotten it, but a fat tree got in my way… >:(


I love the B767 Austrian airline😍😍

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Hahahahaha! I borrowed the A9 ii from him when at JFK! The A7iii was rented, as I am getting it for Christmas and want to get familiar with the tech!

A7iii for Christmas dangggggggg that’s a hefty gift lol. I’m assuming you’ll get the 100-400 GM too?


Wowza! Very nice photos!

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Yeah man! That’s exactly the combo I went with. I’m pumped about it! Whenever your in town we gotta get together!

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Thanks so much good sir!

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@AndrewWu how many more times am i gonna see your British Airways A350 shot in a photo competition on Instagram tho? That’s the real question!! 🤣🤣 #iykyk


Until I find something better lol


come to kennedy - while the SQs 359s are here!!

That 3rd one reminds me of VariableCraft!

Excellent pics!


travel isn’t high on my list of things to do right now but maybe sometime next spring/summer

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I’m not on his level yet, but thanks so much!

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