Some recap of the last few months spotting!

Here is a Delta A330-900NEO blasting out of JFK’s 31L, off to Amsterdam! Shoutout to my ATC buddy in the JFK tower for getting the intersection departure, creating for a later liftoff, which allowed for this shot to be possible!

The China Eastern 77W (CIIE) (China International Import Expo) livery blasts out of JFK’s 31L! I was so happy to catch this bird, as the normal China Eastern livery is so plain, and boring. But this livery really does pop!

Please note: the pictures featured below are from Miami International Airport.

This Air France 77W floats into MIA’s runway 12, moments away from touching down under the dark, moody clouds in some classic Florida golden hour.

This Emirates 77W moments away from touchdown on runway 9 at MIA, with the Miami control tower in the background!

A closeup shot of the nose of this Martinair 747-400, awaiting takeoff clearance on runway 9 at MIA! When this big bird spooled up it’s engines, and started to blast down the runway, the ground shook! It was incredibly loud.

And that just about wraps up my last few months of spotting! Hope you enjoyed!


These are absolutely incredible, amazing shots my friend ;)

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Awesome shots, Chris! 🤩

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