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Hey guys.
Here is something which is becoming really popular nowadays. Here are some edits. Hope you enjoy them!

First up, we have a stunning picture of a Delta A359, after touchdown at Honolulu (PHNL) while the sun sets in for the night.

Next up we have an Ethiopian A359, planting mains at runway 27 at Mumbai (VABB) inbound from Addis Ababa(HAAB)

Here we have an Air India B788 flaring over runway 09 at Bengaluru (VOBL) under stormy conditions.

Finally we have an Air India B788 landing at runway 29 at Delhi (VIDP) under the setting sun.

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I like the first one. Not a view seen often with the flaps and other planes


These are lovely! The first and last ones are great!


I love the last one! Nice job!!😀

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Love the first one! 👏

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Thanks a lot!

@Mr-plane-guy1 @KindaTartySliceOfPie Thanks a lot guys!!!

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