Some quick spotting @KJAX

Recently went spotting at KJAX. It wasn’t too busy but I got some good pics (And some bad ones)

United Express ERJ-175

Delta Airlines MD-88

Some random G/A plane

American Airlines A319

Delta Airlines 737-800 (bird)

Crappy photo of an American Eagle CRJ-200

Florida National Guard F-15’s. (Thanks to @speedbird203 for telling me what they were)

Bad quality because of heat ripples, sorry.

Random photo of the sunset last night:)

Taken with a Canon Powershot SX60HS
Photos are mine, please do not use without permission.


Increase shutter speed and maybe decrease ISO

Nice catches , do you live in Jacksonville Florida


Nope, I live down in Connecticut, but I’m on vacation:)

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You should go to sweet Pete’s Candy downtown while on vacation

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Nah the heat ripples are great effects to the photo :)

We were gonna go and then we ran out of time.😢

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