Some questions

Well i found a tablet that i can buy on the market (Online)… Its specs are 8GB RAM+512GB ROM. Its also an Android 9.

Looking at the reviews of the product… It looks like a legit one but i am having a question on its UI.

Should i buy that tablet?

Please dont ever try link Kirito’s topic here, i read that numerous times

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Hey! What is the actual tablets name?


Is this a new device or are you looking second hand?

Have a look at this

What make and model is it?

There is no name put, actually

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Brand, year released, etc?

No name put on it, I dunno if its new because they forgot to put

So the tablet has no name. IF does not support all devices (e.g Huawei) you sure there is no name of the company.

I have an 8GB tablet myself running Android 10 and it worlds great! So I imagine it will work just have to look if IF supports it.


Well the name is put as this:

Game Tablet Pad 9.0 4G-LTE Laptop IPS HD Screen 8+512GB Dual Card Mobile Phone Call PC Tablet 10.1 Inch

Its page on the internet.

After a quick google search I found nothing about an actual company might just have to ask schyllberg if he has any ideas and if it is supported. The specs look great though! And I am sure it will run IF smooth just not sure why it is on Android 9.

Oh wait, i checked it and its brand is “OEM” and its model is “DZ192310”

no release date though.

Judging by this post I assume it supports IF but probably best to check with @schyllberg because personally I have never come across this before. Good luck the specs look great though!

Cign :)

I’m going to be completely honest here, that looks very similar to wish .com’s phone scams…but with a tablet this time…

OEM stands for Original equipment manufacturing, not a company, OEM can be listed on scams…
Also, look at the bezel difference in the wevsite vs the in-person photo… its not accurate

Oh really, Thanks for the warning then, i am not buying it.

for safety ofc :)

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Perhaps try to get something from a major company just to be safe like Samsung or Apple hate for you to buy it and then it be rendered useless.

Cign :)

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Noted! Thanks!

How to close this topic though?

Also lots of scam warnings popped up for products from lazada .com

I will flag it for closure for you :)

Thanks man

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