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I know there is another topic like this one, but it is very old and a moderator gave me permission to post this.

First question: When did you download Infinite Flight? [poll type=regular public=true]

  • When it released in 2011
  • During 2012
  • January-June 2013
  • July-December 2013
  • January-June 2014
  • July-December 2014
  • January-June 2015
  • July-December 2015
  • January-June 2016
  • July-December 2016
  • January-June 2017
  • July 2017

Second question: When did you join Live?

  • When it released in August 2014
  • September-December 2014
  • January-June 2015
  • July-December 2015
  • January-June 2016
  • July-December 2016
  • January-June 2017
  • July 2017

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Third question: How long after downloading IF did you join Live?

  • I joined live right after I downloaded the app
  • 1-7 days after downloading the app
  • 1-3 weeks after downloading the app
  • 1-3 months after downloading the app
  • 4-6 months after downloading the app
  • 6-12 months after downloading the app
  • 1-2 years after downloading the app
  • 2-3 years after downloading the app
  • 3-4 years after downloading the app
  • I don’t have Live

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Fourth question: Why did you join Infinite flight/how did you come?

Fifth question: What is it about infinite flight that made you stay?

There you have it, just some questions as I’m interested in knowing some history about my fellow community members. If you are a member of staff you are more than welcome to answer these questions too!


I joined Live in October 2014, but I thought it was too complicated so I stopped playing Live until November 2016. I had even forgot I had live before that 😂

Question 4: It was a nice September morning and I was searching for a good flight simulator. After a few days, I then downloaded Infinite Flight.

Question 5: I stayed because of the realistic-ness of the app, I thought it would just be another one of those unrealistic simulators that had minimal effort put in and poor terrain/very limited selection of planes. But as soon as I had my first flight I knew I was wrong!
I can also remember getting pretty mad bc I could never land a plane. I stopped playing the app for a few months but after some practice I did it 😄


Question 4: I downloaded IF because it was the only decent looking flight simulator on the app store, and I was not disappointed.

Question 5: I stayed because I loved the realism of the aircraft, and the amazing community that make up this place.


I watched YouTube a lot and loved watching crosswind landings. I saw this awesome crosswind landing on a sim. So I watched for Infinite flight videos. Infinite flight looked so cool because there was atc and other planes.

I stayed because there was an Expert server.


I was in a hospital after an accident in Ireland in 2012, and was bored out of my mind, and I needed something to pass the time. I downloaded IF, and this racing game. I didn’t play that racing game for long, but I sure played IF.

I didn’t. I stopped later in 2013, and didn’t play until late 2016, when I rediscovered aviation and IF was the best way for me to get into it again easily.


I saw a pirate one on samsung app store
5.I like the simulator a lot.

Infinite flight was a recommended game in the google app store.

At that time it was the best for me having switched over from xplane 9 on ios.

I stayed with it on solo for 3 months or so. During that time i had no idea this community existed until i emailed them a feature request for a picture in view and they referred me to this community.

I became curious about atc because it was one of the options on the main screen. I bought 1 month of live and during then i really sucked at everything, i started using the forum more so i could learn how to fly properly.

After the end of 1 month, i went for another month without live but the experience i had in that 1month was so exciting i decided to invest a year in it after convincing myself that spending $50 is going to let me fly all planes and region for a year. Ever since then, ive been on infinite flight although i still fly xplane 10 on the ios for their cessna model xD

4 months back ive gotten my 2nd year of live + so it looks like im gonna be on for awhile more ^_^

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I was just scrolling through the App Store for simulators, I clicked on Infinite Flight and it looked so good to me, what really made me but it is because it had the A340! I waited for a month to get a gift card, then I immediately bought the simulator and bought a few planes. At the time I was playing the rubbish.

Because of the fact that I really liked the graphics, and the A340-600. :)

  1. Joined because it was the only realistic simulator out there, and it had heaps of highly detailed regions and planes

  2. Basically what Sid above + live

One of my friends mentioned it as, worse than x plane. I was clueless, saw it and it looked decent. Never thought it would be this good.

I’ve being praying my dad for about a month for buying the sim, and then one night as I was always doing ( praying to him ) he got mad and bought me the sim. ( I repayed him a month later ) Don’t worry, he doesn’t regret it. He says that’s a cool sim because I learn about aviation and that’s what I like.

Live, realism and global.

  1. I was looking for a flight sim

  2. I haven’t deleted a single flight sim I have. It just depends how much I play it. I just played it every day without realizing!

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  1. I downloaded infinite flight of the appstore then I back accident pressed the Facebook icon on the bottom left of the home screen and i saw a link to the IFC community

  2. I stayed purely because I became addicted to flying!

1: I was in the flight-sim-frenzy mode and was downloading all of the sims I could find on the App Store. It was fun for a while, but then I forgot about IF.

2: The thing that brought my attention back to IF, as well as kept me there, was Live. Live was such a different experience than a normal “standard” iOS or android sim.

Also, this community has kept me with infinite flight. With all of the great members, and the developers working super hard to give us new things, it’s a great place to be.



I always like polls like this.

Great work @RTG113 ;)

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  1. I joined Infinite Flight because I was starting to get interested in aviation, IF was definitely the best mobile flight simulator available so I decided that it would be a good idea to buy it

  2. The dedication of the developers to keep IF the best flight sim on mobile, and definitely one of the best flight sims overall, IF has been upgraded a lot since when I joined in 2013 with a lot more aircraft and liveries with better physics, and now we’ve got global on the way and that will make IF a whole lot better!

I got IF in like October of 2016, on Christmas 2016 I bought live +, best 50$ I have ever spent. I dislike it when people say that newcomers to live are all noobs because when I played the game for those months leading up to me getting live so I considered myself one of the most professional people on TS as soon as I got used to ATC. Love the app and all new features. I have loved planes all my life and wish to be an aeronautical engineer.

I joined IF simply because I had money to spend and I downloaded a lot of the flight simulation apps on the App Store and tested them all out, eventually coming to the conclusion that IF was the best of course.

I decided to keep it as I loved to play online with others as it gave me something to look forward to after school and to forget about it all and just relax (sounds cheesy i know)

Question 4: The only reason I downloaded infinite flight is because there was gear doors. I’m not joking.

Question 5: I stayed because it is constantly evolving by adding aircraft and features.

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