Some Questions that I have to get a better understanding of flying on Infinite flight

Dear Infinite flight community,

Listed Below are some Questions that I would like to be answered with detailed responses, to get a better understanding of flying on expert servers. :)

During a Go around

When executing a Go around Tower will hand you off to approach normally. When Tower hands you over to approach, do you say “Executing missed approach?” Or do you just say nothing because ATC already knows your executing a Go around and will give you vectors to establish back on the localizer for your landing runway?

In a centers Active Airspace

In the user guide it says that once below FL180 you can Request an approach under center, and they will respond as soon as possible. Can you request an approach to your arrival airport regardless of your altitude? Personally I don’t like saying “With you” under [Checkin IFR] because ATC already knows that you tuned into their frequency.

When ATIS says “Straight out departures Only

Generally when your getting ready for takeoff but ATIS says straight out departure only. Do you just say “Departing straight out” or just say where your STARS in your flight plan goes? (North East, South west, North etc…

When your Stars Say that your departing South East, North East, or South west etc…

Generally would you request departure based of the First heading [North << 1] or the Second Heading [East << 2]? (North East)

When Another frequency Requests you to contact them

If another frequency requests input change to your frequency, can you just switch out of the frequency you are in? Or request frequency change and wait clearance to leave the frequency?

Back Taxing Runway on Unicom

Generally when your back taxing a runway, would you just say your taking off or would you say your crossing the runway until your at the end to say your taking off?

When’s a Scenario when you can request Radar vectors

When your on center or any other frequency besides Ground or tower. Can you still request radar vectors when told “Proceed on course” when previously requested flight following? Also are you allowed to request radar vectors after check in?

I would appreciate any detailed responses that can Directly answer my given questions! :)



You say executing Missed approach.

You can request an approach regardless of your altitude if center is acting as approach otherwise just check in and wait until you get handed off to approach. However if center acts like approach I’ll recommend asking for approach at or below FL180 as that’s what we would prefer

You should say departing straight out ! And follow what ATC says sometimes they will instruct you to fly runway heading until XXXXft

That should be based of the direction you’ll be flying to be out of the airport airspace not the direction of your flight in general.

That doesn’t usually happen on expert however I would recommend to request frequency change as the controller will know if he has to hand you off or not

Say taking off and then do your back taxi and takeoff


I announce that I am taking off the first direction that I will be turning.

If back taxiing to take-off, announce take off. If back taxiing to cross, announce crossing.

If you have been off of your flight plan (due to an oversleep or something similar or if you simply wish to fly a more straight in approach than what the STAR says

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You should not request flight following after checking. Radar vectors requests are only when requesting an approach. It’s an approach type in which the controller will vector you to a pattern leg of the airport. Usually downwind and hand you off to tower. So don’t request radar vectors as a departing airplane for another airport as approach or dep won’t like vector you to an airport 200+ Nautical miles away


If you do that. Sometimes approach will take you as a departing aircraft that wants to do a pattern work. Happened multiple times… usually pilots tells us Executing MA and we vector them again.

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Thank you so much!

When preparing for an approach you’d first request a descent via your selected STAR. Afterwards, you can request an approach and most controllers will prefer you do it around FL180. Additionally, you should always check in with center when performing and IFR flight 🙂

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Thank you so much for your detailed response!

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Thank you all for such detailed responses and dedication to help me get a better understanding of flying on expert servers in infinite flight!

No problem, I know it might seem like much but if something happens in center’s airspace, the “With you” and “Radar Contact” would be helpful in resolving a violation, for example.

If you were cleared by ATC for an approach, ILS, GPS, or Visual, then you execute a go around, when you get sent or tune back into Approach’s frequency you would say “executing missed approach”. The only reason why you would request an approach is if you would like a different approach type then the one you got before.


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