Some Questions About LiveFlight Connect

Hello IFC!
I’m going to start to use Live Flight Connect soon and have a few questions.

  1. Does your phone/tablets battery charge while connected to your laptop running Live Flight Connect?

  2. Does Live Flight Connect show your Landing Rate? (I’ve heard it does)

  3. Could you download Live Flight Connect on a Cromebook?

Hope you could answer these!

  • IFS
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  • I believe it’s better if you have an external plug and charge from there. (In theory it should although it might cancel it out while running IF or worse lower battery)

  • yep, it does show your landing rate

  • I’m sure it could download on a chrome book. The one I thing you should do is double check your storage. Pretty sure most chrome books have very small storage like 32-64 GBs if I recall correctly

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