Some questions about grade 2

Hi everyone! I’ve recently reached grade 2 and unlocked training mode! I have a few questions that I’m hoping that you guys can help me answer:

  1. Can you get violations in training mode? I’m really worried that I might get a violation, I’m pretty sure that I can get violations as pilot, but can I get violations as act in training?

  2. What do the different act messages do? More specifically, what does Standby mean? And can you get a violation if you send the wrong messages?

  3. What are all the things you can get a violation for, and what levels they are?

Thank you to anyone who answers, and have a happy new year btw!

You can only get level 1 violations, violations that are minor, and are for things like runway idling, overspeeding, etc.

For communication with ATC, you should check out the User Guide. The guide also gives you a table with all the possible ways to be issued level 1 violations.

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You can get violations for overspeeding and aerobatics near airports

No, but you will get kicked if you don’t respond to a message after 2 minutes

On training, you cannot get violations for ATC

All violations on training server are Level 1. Level 2 and 3 violations are only on Expert and will vary depending on what the reason is when ATC gave you the command

Wait so level 2 and 3 violations have to be reported by Atc, not bots right?

Yes they will be reported by ATC only on Expert

Thanks for the info!

I have another question, what is your job as departure atc?

The job of departure frequency is to mainly manage and maintain separation between aircraft. The frequency can also be used as relief for Tower to get departing aircraft off their frequency.