Some questions about A350-900

After flying for a while, I’ve come up with a few questions about the A359
1 The A359’s engine seemed to have too much thrust, giving the plane sustained acceleration at 0% engine thrust.
2 The A359 doesn’t seem to have much steering power, requiring repeated corrections for even a 75-degree turn
3 The A359 seems to have a very difficult speed to maintain. For example, I set the speed at M0.85, and the plane tends to be a little lower than M0.85. Similarly, when descending and decelerating, I set the speed at 250 knots, and the plane tends to exceed 250 knots, resulting in overspeed.
4 When GS is intercepted, the aircraft is often too high,That didn’t happen with the A333

Here are my personal expectations for the future of A359 in IF
1 Expect official tutorial videos on the A350-900, such as how many flaps to put on the speed
2 Hope to add cabin modeling for A350 aircraft,And adding tray table that are unique to Airbus aircraft
This is my feedback on the problems with the A350


Hmm Can I ask what’s your problem about 359?

The A350 has a problem with SPD mode, which does not maintain the speed at target speed very well

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That’s about your weight If you are heavy it’s normal

During ILS approach, especially when GS is captured, the aircraft will be higher than the glide path

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Go slower and Use flaps below 180 Knots will be help you

This is not the case, even when the aircraft is light

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When I am doing Long Hauls It’s happening to me after I wake up It’s turned normal so maybe needs a bit time

Here’s how I did it, using Flaps 2 in section 180

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Maybe so,Thank you for your reply

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