Some problems with apps

Hello everyone. I’ve been having issues with appr. On some of my previous flights, as well as my one today, when I use appr, the plane doesn’t even descend. Now I’m at a normal speed, about 160-180 knots for these flights depending on the aircraft. Sometimes the nose pitches up, and causes an approach stall warning. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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When u turn on APPR have u establish with the glide slope?

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Do note when u turn on APPR make sure the “LOC” and “GS” is both green

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Have you seen this video tutorial yet on Infinite Flight’s official YouTube channel?

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Be sure to only activate APPR when at/below the glideslope, and use trim as well

How do u do that

How do u know when ur below it?

I’m new to flying “realistically” lol

Once u go to the airport and select the NAV1 for the runway u want to use
Make sure u go below the glide slope when approaching the runway

What I should say is what is the glide slope and how do I see it

When u select the NAV 1 go to ur HUD there should be a arrow on the right hand side of the HUD

If the arrow is pointing upwards then stay at that attitude and the aircraft will catch the glide slope when u are closer to the runway

U mean that green diamond thingy on the side?

Yes, but this video uses terms that are hard for beginners to understand

Honestly, the tutorial I linked goes over all this and is very helpful. Recommend watching it ;)

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Yes that one

Ahhh, okay. Well in that case, you might want to dig into the #ground-school:community-tutorials which should help everything make more sense. My apologies :)

This will probably be a lot more helpful and help make things easier to understand, just tap the Menu pull down arrow and you’ll various topics covered:


Be at level and “reasonable” altitude, say 3000ft AGL (as the video says) and you have to be far enough away from the airport so that the

is above rather than below. After you select approach the plane will descend to follow the green diamond down (after the diamond has come down to meet you - at the midpoint marker).

From the video, the following does not have to be true:

These will turn to green as the APPR mode automatically guides you to the proper course (both horizontal and vertical).

Again the following is not the recommendation:

APPR will wait for the glideslope to come down to your level altitude and then automatically establish on the glideslope by descending.

(I may have misread the intent of the comments but from the OP’s perspective I was a bit confused).

Don’t overcomplicate the video. The key points are:
Before using the APPR function:
1)be under 200kts
2)be level at around 3000ft AGL with the green diamond above you (by being far enough away from the runway). You don’t have to wait for it to come down before pushing APPR.
3)don’t approach the runway heading at too sharp an angle (don’t sweat the exact numbers - roughly eyeball the angle shape as shown in the video)

and maybe add:
4) as the APPR function is flying your descent, smoothly transition your speed, flaps and gear for landing.

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