Some problems encountered in China

Hello, IF team. Many Chinese players like me have found that our game has been removed from App Store in the past half of the year because we have not obtained the version number of the Chinese authorities. We regret and helpless this is a very good flight simulator, but we can’t download it to experience this great masterpiece first-hand. So when can IF be re-racked in China? China has a huge market, because other analogue aircraft with strong competition for IF, such as X-plane and RFS, have been removed from the shelves. So now the Chinese market is blank, so we hope that IF can return to China as soon as possible. Thank you!


This topic may help a bit as to why it was removed. Not sure when it will come back to the chinese app store though


While it’s unfortunate that this is the case in China, following a post that came from Laure herself with the link below.

However, about 6 months ago, a topic about downloading and updating Infinite Flight while in China did come out. I’ve yet to see if it actually work, since I’m not in China, but I guess it’s worth having a go and seeing if it works.

It does seem to be reviewed by the developers, so I suppose there is some credibility in this post.

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Hello @YANG.

We’d love to get back on the Chinese market. Unfortunately the requirements that would allow us to return makes it very, very difficult at this time.

One example of that is the requirement to not include any real world locations. A requirement that doesn’t work out well with flight simulator.


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