Some problemas using The app

I am facing some problems when I in long Flight, as the sound is not avaiable, or the runways not appears in some airports. I update the app, but the problems continue. Is something that I should do? Thanks
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Hey, you can use the “Clear Cache” Button, that should fix the runways problem. I think the sound is off because you have silent mode on? Check the side of your device there should be a button where you can slide over with a click. Try that. (The button should be on the top left of your device.)

So i’ve had a couple issues recently as well as a couple of the people I fly with. Recently none of the airport textures are loading (runways, taxi ways, parking spots). Also I flew a 12 hour flight over night last night and this morning while i was on finial at KIAD the app crashed on me and I lost all my progress and XP.

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First of all, thanks the help.
I uninstalled the program and installed it again. All sound controls are turned on from start of flight to mid-flight. But problems come at the end of a long flight. Sound off (only the sound of the pilots can be heard). You can’t hear the engine, landing gear, flaps…

Thank you for your help.
I have experienced the same situation. On long flights and when approaching the destination airport, some program failures appear, for example, no sound, no airstrip, or the program simply shuts down and restarts by itself.

Hey man, the thing not loading and the crashing sound like a memory issue. How much space do you have available on your device.

Did my clear cash thing work?
Make sure you have the volume settings turned on.
Do you have storage in your device?

I also thought it might be the memory problem. But I have plenty of space left to use (13GB). But it seems to me that this is not the case, as it has always worked well. We can always think about my device, but we also need to think about any bug in the system. I don’t rule out any possibility. The problem is that I can’t get a position from those who control the software. For example, sending program data from my device that those who control the software can analyze and come to some definitive conclusion.

Yes it worked.
Volume settings is turned on
I have storage in my device

Yea not very much any of us can do. Are you running any background apps, recording, receiving calls, or running low power mode?

When I’m using the app, nothing else is running. But low battery mode is on. Thanks for your interest in helping

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yea, clear cache, not much else rly

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Nobody knows what is with your device/app.

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yes true, we need to know

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Sorry for the late reply, but turn off low power mode it decreases performance to save battery life and that will cause the game to crash.

Low Power Mode doesn’t cause the game to crash, it actually prevents it. I’ve been using low power mode for forever. It does make your graphics glitchy but that clears up when you tap the screen and only starts again when you go inactive again.

My device is an IPad 5

Sorry for disagreeing. I’ve always used low power mode and never had any problems with sound or the runway disappearing

Exactly. The low power would not cause any game crash

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