Some pre-lockdown spotting - @KDEN - March 24, 2020

Hello everyone!
I ventured out to DEN today before the Denver lockdown went in effect and hopefully I can go back in the future, hopefully with a new lens but that’s gonna be a while. I only stayed for about half an hour and only caught arriving aircraft, but it was still fun! I spotted at a new location for me, on 120th st. North of the airport. Enjoy the photos!
My camera is a Nikon DX with a Nikon Nikkor 75-200 mm lens.
My photo usage policy applies to all of my photos.

Photo 1:
Here’s N917UY landing from Philly cheesesteak land (@NoahM)

Photo 2: Here’s N959AN landing from Dallas. 🤠

Photo 3: Here’s N151SY on short final for 16L arriving from Charlotte.

Photo 4: Here’s N37427 arriving from Chicago.

Photo 5: Here’s N469UA on short final from Richmond. (@Niccckk)

Photo 6: Here’s N76288 on final from Columbus.

Photo 7: Here’s N39416 on final from Cleveland.

Photo 8: Here’s N39416 and N7721E on the parallel landing for 16L and 16R, respectfully.

Photo 9: No spotting trip is complete without a canyon blue. Here’s N7721E seconds away from touchdown from Burbank. I believe @BigBert10 flew on this plane before.

Photo 10: A great plane, wearing a great livery, moving very close to Runway 16R, is passing by the mighty, snow-capped, immobile Rocky Mountains. Here’s N261WN on very short final from Orange County.

Thank you all for viewing! Comment down below on which one was your favorite. Thanks and I’ll hopefully see you soon on another spotting topic!


Indeed…I was on N7721E in February 2019!

I flew from San Diego (SAN/KSAN) to San Jose (SJC/KSJC).


In the words of my father when I was spotting at PHX, “I like the little one.” That is what he said when he saw one of those E175s which is probably my favorite photo on this thread.

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Amazing pictures, but that last one was the best! Great background at DEN!

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I’m really loving the mountains in the background! Great shots as always.

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That’s cool! Always nice to see a plane that someone you know flew on.

Thanks! The E175 was a good one.

Denver has some great backdrops! The mountains, the city, and the airport! Thank you both!


Nice spotting pics!

The American B738 is really nice. 🙌🏽

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Thank you! I’ll agree that one was nice.

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Love this photo! Came from my home too!

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Thank you!

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One of my favorite emojis! Nice photos!

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Lol, thank you! Glad everyone enjoys the photos :)

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Great shots!

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Loving the content! It might be a while till I can go back spotting as well…

Gotta love CBs on the 737. I’m still surprised that after 6 yrs, they’re still around.

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Thank you Joseph!

Yep! The classic livery was still introduced in 2001, and there is still quite a handful around! Always nice to catch one :)


I love all the United planes they just look so nice

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Thank you! United is the main airline here at DEN.

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Great pics!

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I live in Denver, where do you go at DIA to spot? I actually flew in on Monday from PHX haha.

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I went to 120th street, north of the airport. @den.aviation recommended the spot for me. The exact location was 120th and Powhaton Road. You get good views for the 16s and 17R when they are landing from the north. You can also see departures off of all runways as well.