Some Planespotting Photos to Feed Your Aviation Obsession!

Hey everyone!

I’ve got nothing to do at the moment, so I figured I’d come on here and share a few of my recent photos with you all. Feel free to check out my Instagram which is where I normally post all of my photos!

I’ve got quite a bit of content to share with every one here, so might make this a weekly thing if it does well! 😉

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↓ United Airlines CRJ-550, BUF - IAD ↓

↓ Virgin Atlantic 787-9, LHR - IAD ↓

↓ Lufthansa A340-600, DDM - IAD ↓

↓ Play Airlines A320 NEO, IKF - IAD ↓

↓ Russian Special Flight Squadron IL-96-300, JFK - IAD ↓

↓ Stratolaunch LLC Scaled 351 “Roc”, MHV - MHV ↓

↓ Alaska Airlines 737-800 “Salmon Thirty Salmon”, DCA - SEA ↓

↓ Lufthansa 747-8, DDF - IAD ↓

↓ Atlas Air 747-8F, IAD - TAF ↓

↓ Antonov Airlines AN-124-100, FBO - IAD & Emirates Airlines A380-800, IAD - MDB ↓

Thank you all for taking the time to view my photos! As always, feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions you’d like; I enjoy your feedback!

Have a great day everyone, and happy flying! ✈


These are some absolutely stunning pictures!

But just curious, are you sure this is DDM? As I believe DDM is a small airstrip in Papua New Guinea, I would be very impressed if that is the case haha. But please do correct me if wrong!



I think he’s doing ICAO codes with out the first letter. (Eg- ddm = EDDM, IAD = KIAD etc etc)


Ah okay, I was confused as IAD is also the IATA code for KIAD. But yes, looking at it, that would make sense, that would explain MDB, TAF, DDF and IKF as well.


Pretends to come in out of pure boredom

proceeds to flex some of the best shots I have ever seen on the IFC


Do you mean KEF-IAD? PLAY is based out of Keflavik, Iceland (KEF/BIKF)

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Ok um great shots. Are you planning to be bored again to post some more shots ;)

They look great, that Alaska Salmon is nice to see with its recent retirement, but the underside of the 748 is cool as well

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Been a while since I’ve felt compelled to follow someone on IG after seeing their shots on IFC but this is one of those times lol


Stunning photos!😍😍

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Precisely! 👍

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Hey thanks my man, means a lot! 🙃

Casually opens my spotting topic after 2 days

proceeds to read one of the greatest comments I’ve ever read on the IFC


Hey, I know you! 🤣

Thank my man! :)))

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Salmon Thirty Salmon was one of my favorite specials out there, super sad to see it go. Rest assured, once Xáat Kwáani makes its way to the area, I’ll definitely be showing the photos in a future topic! 🫡

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On Instagram 🤣 anyway halo

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These are incredible! Amazing job.

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Thank you!

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Thank you very much!

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