Some planes from west of the south

Not at all inspired by @AndrewWu 👀

Canyon Blue first, then we will move on to the far superior heart livery.

N901WN 737-700

N248WN, 2000th 737NG, 737-700

N7728D 737-700

Now for the good ones:

N493WN 737-700

N8685B 737-800

N8535S 737-800

N745SW 737-700

N470WN 737-700

N8690A 737-800


Thanks for checking these out!


Nice spotting

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Took me a second to process the title ngl

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Nah in all fairness brilliant photos. Gotta love the Southwest livery


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Ha @AndrewWu posted a very similar topic recently

First off, where’s my tag for the CB? Am already not too happy with you KPIT.

Second off, this is wrong.

Other than your opinions being invalid here, good job in including more CB’s than mr. wu had.

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What’s next you gonna copy me and do a 2020 spotting year in review next week?

wait you probably will


Imma call @ClassicAirlinerLover again

Wow, love the last shot. Two Southwest only topics in 2 days? Sounds good to me :D

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The pictures are amazing!!! ❤️


throws a temper tantrum 🤣

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Especially love the last one, love seeing night shots!

Wow! Those are some pretty amazing shots! Damn, nice job! What camera do you have?

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