Some planes + an announcement - @ KDEN, January 29th, 2022

Hello everyone! This is the first topic I’ve made in a while. Last Saturday, I went out to DEN (alone for the first time) and actually ran into @den.aviation while I was there, which was pretty nice. I was there for around three hours and enjoyed most of my time there. Enjoy the pictures!

Photo 1: Starting off this topic is one of United’s 757-300s, this one still in the old livery and registered N75858, while being just under 18 years old. It arrived from Chicago as “United 2662”.

Photo 2: Up next is a Delta A220-100, in from Salt Lake City as “Delta 1595” and 1 year old, registered a N136DQ.

Photo 3: First Frontier of the day! This one is “Betty the Bluebird”, who is six years old, is an A320-200, and is seen on arrival from Washington-DCA as “Frontier Flight 539”.

Photo 4: After a 1 minute drive, I moved myself over to 16R to see a couple of planes, this being the first of the 3. N416UA is 27 years old, and came in from Phoenix as “United 2618”.

Photo 5: After N416UA is Frontier’s newest A320NEO, delivered to the airline on January 20th. His name is “Rocket the Hammerhead Shark”, registered as N388FR, and he also came in from Phoenix, but as “Frontier Flight 752”.

Photo 6: After Rocket came in another Canyon Blue, but this time it was an -800, registered as N8634A, aged 7, and it came in from (you guessed it) Los Angeles as “Southwest 2660”.

Photo 7: A hasty move to the East garage later to get some ramp and landing shots did not disappoint. The first aircraft I saw here was “Montana the Elk”, registered N213FR, who seems to be a frequent visitor in my topics. Montana is one of the 7 aircraft still painted in Frontier’s old livery, but these are becoming rarer and rarer each month. Montana, who is 10 years old, was arriving in from Austin as “Frontier Flight 619”.

Photo 8: After Montana is one of his good buddies, Grizwald. “Grizwald the Grizzly Bear”, or just Griz, is also 10 years old, registered as N211FR, and was once a TV star in Frontier’s old and iconic commercials. Grizwald was also arriving from a large Texas city, but in this case, it was Houston as “Frontier Flight 759”.

Photo 9: Denver Connection is also being a larger airline at DEN, with them acquiring some new planes. This one is new for them, registered as N973DC, with it being 21 years old and formerly registered as N16919 with Contour. It came in from Clovis as “Key Lime 5414”.

Photo 10: My favorite shot of the day was of N69020, a 14 year old 777-200ER formerly with Continental and who I saw two months ago. This time, I got a landing shot on 17R, which I say came out pretty well. N69020 was operating “United 407” from Chicago.

Thank you for viewing my topic! I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and the big announcement is now!
Announcement: I now have an Instagram! I’ve had this account up and running for about a month, so there’s already some of the shots from this topic on there. Go check it out!


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Oh wow. I love the colour in all of these… Those Frontier liveries never fail to look great, same with the new United Livery.

Amazing shots!

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Delta A220 looks cute

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Nice shots!


Thanks! Frontier’s liveries never fail to disappoint.

Thank you!



Amazing photos. The colors and everything are just fire.

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Hi Luke I was just wondering where at KDEN you go planespotting? a couple weeks ago my friend and I went planespotting and we were haveing a hard time finding a good spot to look at the planes from and BTW you pictures are stunning.


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Thank you!

Thanks! I go spotting all around the airport, but here’s some of my favorites.

East/West Garages: The east garage provides views of the Concourse A South Ramp and 17R landings, you can see some results from this topic, as photos #7-10 were from the east garage. It’s backlit in the mornings, so I recommend going here after 1 pm. Simply enter the first garage you see, find a spot, and walk up to the top level and start spotting!
The west garage is good for 25 departures, 34R landings, and sometimes ramp shots, I have used every garage on the west side to shoot but the top level is still the best to take pictures on it. It gets backlit in the afternoon, so it’s good from dawn to about noon.
Final Approach: This spot is located at the Final Approach food court off of Peña. There’s a field there that can be used to take pictures, but I personally haven’t been there much. It’s a spot for 25 departures, and is good all day.
56th Avenue: This is a good spot for when DEN is using the 35s to land, as you can see planes from both 35R and 35L here. This isn’t really a specific spot, it’s just all along the side of the road, but if you want a different angle for 35L shots you can go up Valley Head Street if you’d like. Heavies often land on 35R so it’s a good spot to see those. This spot doesn’t get backlit if you are paying attention, so when one side becomes backlit, just switch over to the other side.
120th Avenue: This is a good spot for when DEN is using the 16s to land. Like 56th, this isn’t really a definitive spot, it’s just along the side of 120th avenue. Once again, it doesn’t become backlit as long as you are paying attention. Shots #1-6 in this topic are from 120th.

There is a couple other spots that do exist but I haven’t been to, so I’m leaving those out. Hope this helps!

Thank you so much I will try this in the future

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Amazing shots

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I saw that United 777 on flight radar 24

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