Some Plane Spotting @KSFO

Went plane spotting yesterday on the way to a Warriors game, and I even managed to catch an A380!

First, a United A319 landing

EVA Air 777 Landing

Got an Alaska Airlines A320 special livery!

United Star Alliance

Got some really nice lighting on this one

Qatar A350-1000 Takeoff

Air Baguette

And the very large A380. Very cool to see in real life lol
Thanks for viewing :D

Camera: Cannon EOS Rebel


Awesome photos!


Thanks!! :D


Great photos especially love the new united livery.

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Thanks! The United ones were some of my favorites :D

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Air Baguette is same with Air France.🥖

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Weird to see an old United plane with the new livery on the cowlings (pic 5). Great shots by the way! You have received my patented Seal of Approval for making an SFO topic! Cookie should arrive w/in 24 hours.

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Thanks lol :D

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I didnt get my Cookie
where is it
i want my cookie…

Quit whining

Here you are 🍪🍪 I’ll give you two to make up for the delay. Hope you enjoy!


Really nice pictures!

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Awesome photos. Especially of “Air Baguette” lol

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