Some pictures of the beautiful Himalayas

Given below are some of the pictures i took while flying in the Himalayas. These are my best “sunshots”. Taken while flying to Paro and to an ALG in North India and a lone pic while flying in the Andes near SCEL.

F22 Raptor enroute to Kargil from Hindon AFS

A10 near Santiago.

A318 over the Himalayas while flying to Paro!

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Very nice! I like the shadow effects and the angles - especially on some of the A318 photos

Keep it up the great work!

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Nothing beats #5. Beautiful pics man!

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Makes a topic about picture of the Himalayas
Features pictures of aircraft in South America

In all honesty, those are really great pictures.


thanks bro!

lol yea, i need to change the topic Thanks.

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thank you very much @SimCaptain

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Great pictures! i love the IF sunsets and sunrises

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Yea…simply stunning!

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