"Some Pictures" (Honoring @NewZealand1Super) | Vol. 5

“Some Pictures” Vol. 5


Hey, All -

This Vol. is a very special one, featuring one of my oldest, but one of my best friends ever on Infinite Flight - @NewZealand1Super . We have been flying together since the beginning of time, and before I even joined the IFC! How crazy is that.

@NewZealand1Super , I will never forget that one stream you conducted from YSSY - WSSS and we were the last ones in the air by 5AM EDT! I will never forget those days man, they will always have a place in my heart. It is very unfortunate you stopped with 2.1k, but we all have a life, and it is completely understandable. Anyways man, I wanted to dedicate this to you to keep your legacy going, and I thought you deserved this since you are one of the most kind, caring, and mature person I know to date. Have a great life man - godspeed. 😊

Dropping a like on this post would be greatly appreciated, as well as feedback in the reply section down below. :)

  1. Air NZ A320 rotating.

  1. Air NZ A320 on short final runway 23 at NZQN.

  1. Another angle of an Air NZ A320 rotating.

  1. Just after Air NZ A320 touched down at NZQN.

  1. NZ A320 and 777W passing each other on adjacent taxiways.

  1. Another angle of the aircraft passing each other but during sunset setting.

  1. Another angle of the A320 and 777W about to pass each other.

  1. A320 pushing back at NZAA.

  1. Same picture as #7 but during the late morning.

  1. Another angle right after A320 rotated.

Thank you all for viewing my topic, and stay tuned for Vol. 6 soon! I will try to incorporate more unique airports and aircraft to spice it up even more for the next volume. As always, I am open to suggestions for locations, aircraft, and featuring requests in my PMs.

Once again, I want to thank NZ for inspiring my aviation career. Without him, I would not be where I am right now - thank you so much man, I am forever in your debt. Have a nice afternoon for you, since it is very early morning here on the East Coast haha. Also, for everyone who was on his streams, I am sorry I did not tag you all here. If I did not want to take the risk of leaving someone out, and it was just so many tags, so I did not do It haha. However, I also want to thank you for being there, supporting not just NZ, but me as well - thank you. :)

Have a nice night all, I am going to bed since it is 2AM lol. Also, stay safe all. Cheers! 😊


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I don’t often like dark edits, but this is a good catch! 👍🏼



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That one I removed all the color from - that was the only one I really removed all color.

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Beautiful, great shots!

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Ayyyyyyy we got 1 like already!

@Kirito_77 don’t they look so bad? Lol.

@NewZealand1Super I should have included some pics I took from your 2k sub special I organized. Lmao, I have so many pics!


Miss the legend already, amazing shots!


What do you use to edit?

Yeah, I know right - time flies, it’s already been a year! So sad.


Adobe Photoshop.


man New Zealand 1 Super

have not seen him in a long time


I’ve been in contact with him, and he has to attend to some real life issues - I would not like to disclose them publicly.

However, he has said a lot soon, but it has been a year. I hope it is actually soon, but the man has a life, and life comes first. :)


So sad… :( I wish he was back. I remember it like it was yesterday…


I don’t know why… But i love that dark filter… it gives some photo-realistic pics…

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Compare the big to the small.
Amazing photos!

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Thanks for honouring me man, really appreciate it! 😊 I’ve always enjoyed flying with you on here and that special around NZ flight event you’ve created I’ve personally enjoyed and thank you for it! Its been a pleasure meeting you and look forward to making more memories!

Don’t worry bro, this won’t be last of me, though really do miss flying on here and streaming on YouTube but I do plan to comeback eventually.


That’s good to hear :D


Very cool pictures @AviatorMan! They are very nice

Also, @NewZealand1Super I’m waiting for your comeback, I miss watching your streams and flying with you :)


I’m glad you do man and I also enjoyed those amazing flights! I hope to see you soon, and we can recreate those amazing memories.