Some Pictures from Orange County Airport; ft. AF1!

Hey IFC! I was going through some of my pictures and came across ones from my last trip, where I got pictures after landing at John Wayne Airport, this was just in August so the airport wasn’t too busy and there weren’t many flights arriving or departing. I also have a photo from today, when Air Force One visited us. These are all under the same topic of being “At KSNA” so hopefully it’s allowed. So anyways, here are just a few of the many pictures I have of SNA.

Taxiing to Terminal A, passing B and C with many Southwest, a United and fellow American B737 aircraft.

(The many empty gates at JWA ☹️)

Next, is from inside the terminal, walking past the Terminal A/B corridor.

And lastly, we have Air Force One (the B752) which visited us today for a few hours.

Bonus photo of the Control Tower and the KTLA news SUV because of the President’s visit. And the infamous light pole 😑

(All photos taken on iPhone 8, so uh, they could be better. Even though they are compared to other pictures I’ve taken 😂)


I gotta say, John Wayne is a cute little airport inside and out. The middle atrium area is really cool and the big windows allow for great spotting/watching. Only thing that stinks: landing 😂

Anyway cool pictures!

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Well that’s demeaning lol
It has a lot of traffic ok. It’s considered a ‘Major Airport’
Thanks anyways 😂

No, it’s so cute and small

It isn’t “cute” it’s made of glass and marble

But it’s cute

Well it’s not ugly like parts of LAX 😂

Great photos! Sounds like such a great airport! Would love to fly there one day! 😉🎉

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Jkjk lol


LMFAO!😂 I swear I hate this autocorrect and Ipad keyboard! 😂

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Someone who appreciates KSNA, thank you lol

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Dude I never said anything bad about sna

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it is cool to see AF1 and AF2 being in a battle ground state I have seen my fair share of them in the past month. It’s almost like they are regular visitors now

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You used to lol
No I know I’m just joking around

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Yeah it rarely comes to OC. I think the last time was 2014.

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Yeah i spot at KRDU and KCLT or the battle ground state of NC I have seen AF2 twice in a month different planes actually and AF1 twice this year and they will be back again Wednesday. Starting to get a little old especially since Biden came today.

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Uhhh…I exist.

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This is awesome! We have AF1 and AF2 back and forth here for the next week!

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The C-32 is a nice catch! I didn’t even know it visited KSNA.

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Yeah it’s in Carson City tonight!