Some pictures from my trip!

I just took a trip down to the lower 48. Here’s some shots of the lounges and 1st class area!
Here is the entrance to the Anchorage lounge for Alaska Airlines

Our inflight lunch!


Did you fly down to Seattle? And on to another state? Nice picture of the snow capped mountains!

Yes! I flew to Seattle from Anchorage!
We flew back via Juneau yesterday

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Love me some Alaska Airlines!

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I love Alaska! since they’re kinda the main airline that flies into Anchorage lol

Anyone know what aircraft the USAF aircraft is on the left side of the third picture? Looks like a P-8 Poseidon but with a radar dome or something like that on top.

Boeing E3 AWACs with TF33-PW-100A


I think thats a e4b or kc135…

Thats no KC135, being from the burgh I know those, it is what @anon93248082 said…


I got a few pictures I’ll upload real soon

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Here’s a few more pictures from my vacation with aircraft


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Ryan Air is from a different trip right?

Other wise when did they start serving the west coast?

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Nope on the water taxi crossing from West Seattle to downtown Seattle!

Delivery flight? I would assume it was at the Everest plant for somthing, but they don’t make 737s there so…

Not sure, it landed in Renton so probably either that or test flight really neat seeing it!

Actually I can’t find that registration anywhere! I have no idea what this, I mean fairly obviously something with Boeing not Ryan Air, but still what? What would the Seattle side of things want with a non newest generation 737…?

Renton builds the 737s

Oh? Really? I thought they were made in SC…

Well then I am thinking too hard about this…

The Dreamliners are built in South Carolina

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At any rate looks like you were the first to spot it! Has no photos in Jet photos, or any flights on FR24… 👌🏼👍🏻