Some pictures from my flight yesterday, MAA - BOM - DOH

As some of you members know, I flew from Chennai Intl to Hamad Intl via Bombay with Jet Airways.

Here are the highlights of the flight,

Doha'16 - Inbound

Click the picture.
(Sorry but you have to click)

Any suggestions on how to improve?


Jet Airways… Sounds pretty generic! Nice snaps you’ve got there!


Nice, the only way to improve is to get better lenses and cameras. Your positioning skills are fine. I can’t think of anything that needs to be improved without spending money.

Keep it up Dush!


Great pics! I wonder what that AI 747 was doing there if you look closely😊😊

Probably waiting for the Prime Minster’s next trip ;)

I love the one where you are play if in the wing view and your on a real plane looking at the wing

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You have to agree, the Bombay Airport architecture is amazing.

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What plane did you fly in? A Boeing?

B737-800 ;)

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