Some pics I made vol. 4

After the release of 20.1, I‘ve been enjoying the 777 and 737 a lot!

With the recent long awaited update, I took myself a few hours to take some pictures.
The new navigation update including SIDs/STARs is awesome! Adds much realism in my opinion.

That being said;
Here are a few pictures of the Boeing 777-200ER

Above the Alps with the old B772🏔

“We gotta take a few pictures“ is what I told @SKY-TOM, and thats what we did!

Exploring Mt. Fuji🗻!

2000ft seperation with @AExones

There are some nice parts of South America to discover!

Out of LAX!

Thanks for viewing my topic!

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See you in the skies!

Happy flying!


Beautiful Photos!!

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Thanks a lot!

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All fantastic shots, as always! 🔥

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Thanks fam!🤙

Stunning! I have no other words for how incredible these are.

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Appreciate it!

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Just wondering if my editing is either good or bad, if I could get feedback on that, that would be much appreciated!

Editing is good maybe just a bit to much contrast! Great photos nonetheless!
Cign :D

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Thanks for the feedback!

Will keep that in mind for sure!

Amazing photos

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Thanks Thomas!