Some Photos from this Month...

Recently I have been flying the Cirrus more frequently, here is some photos from the last month and a half…


Climbing FL050


Level FL050

Level FL070


Final to land EGNC

These are just some, really need to take more photos.

Most are videos, but you know, the IFC won’t take Videos…

Enjoy :)


Nice pics!


image image image

Some photos from today, meant to go to Gloster but Clouds where Broken 100ft :(


Indeed, but you can link a video through YouTube. Use or create an account and link the videos here, and it’ll appear watchable from the IFC.

Great pictures mate, especially the last one. Finally great to see one of our community members fly the Cirrus SR22. I hope you had a great time. 😉

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I’ll try that, thanks :)

That’s crazy awesome 😄😄

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I sure wish the IFC allowed videos. I would love to share my helicopter videos with everyone… Anyways nice photos!

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Made a little Montage from all the Videos from separate flights in June.

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