Some photos from my recent flights

Hey there everyone!

Ever since I got my PPL I have been exploring all around my local airport of KHPN (Westchester County), going on some fun adventures to some neat uncontrolled fields. I’ve gathered a new fondness for the beauty of an uncontrolled strip. Requires a whole new level of focus if it’s busy and is a good test of ADM.

Anyways, on to the photos!

Route: KHPN - KMSV (Sullivan County, NY)
Photo Location: Holding short runway 33 at KMSV
Passengers: None, just me :))
Info: First XC flight after getting my PPL. Selected a random airport and went! Nice little airport and had absolutely no traffic.

Route: KHPN - N30 (Cherry Ridge/Honesdale, PA)
Photo Location: Cruising to Cherry Ridge
Passengers: My dad
Info: Took my father out for the “$100 Burger” at the airport diner in Cherry Ridge.

Route: KOXC (Waterbury-Oxford, CT) - KPOU (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Photo Location: Cruising at 7,000
Passengers: CFI
Info: This was an instrument training flight. Some incredible clouds! My instructor and I try to get as much actual IMC as we can.

Route: KHPN - 44N (Sky Acres/Millbrook, NY)
Photo Location: Ramp at Sky Acres
Passengers: Younger sister
Info: Took my sister for the “$100 burger”. Nice little airfield with good views.

Route: KHPN - 06N (Randall/Middletown, NY) - N82 (Wurtsboro, NY) - N89 (Ellenville, NY) - KHPN
Photo Location: Returning to KHPN from Ellenville
Passengers: None. Was lonely
Info: A loop of uncontrolled fields! Been to basically every controlled field nearby. As a result, I wanted to hit a few of the lesser used airports near me.

Route: KHPN - N30 (Cherry Ridge/Honesdale, PA)
Video Location: Landing at Cherry Ridge
Passengers: Good friend of mine
Info: Took my friend out for lunch. I’m sensing a theme here…! He filmed my not so great landing. Sorry for the terrible quality, not sure what happened.

Route: KHPN - 42B (Goodspeed/East Haddam, CT)
Video Location: Cruising to 42B
Passengers: Nobody wanted to join :(
Info: The day before I left for a 3 week trip (which I’m still on lol). I wanted to fly so I chose a very small airport in the middle of nowhere and went! My favorite uncontrolled field so far.

That’s all! My next trip is schedule for August 24, when I’ll be taking my father out to KBID (Block Island) for lunch. I’ve heard the airport can be a tricky one so I’m looking forward to it. Especially the parking situation… I’m under the impression they use a “follow me” car.

Let me know if there are any questions for some reason. I hope you’ve enjoyed!


That landing was perfect! Love the G1000. Nice pics and video Will 😍


Awesome content, Will! Hoping to get up in a G1000 equipped 172 soon

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This is awesome Will! Love the photos!

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