Some photos from a while back

All of these photos were taken in 2017 and 2018, and showcase my development with cinematic photo taking, especially in video games. They’re some of my favorites, and I’d like to share this blast to the past with you guys. All images are taken in Expert server, I believe.

Way back before global, I did a nice group flight with a friend over Southern California. We flew the A320 and A321, and back then other people’s aircraft would jitter around a whole lot while flying, and I was able to snag this nice photo. Really shows how far the game has gone!

A flight in a 777 of some sorts, I believe over the Pacific Ocean from North America.

An E195 on approach to Salt Lake City, I really like this approach and aircraft, so a memorable picture for me.

I believe this is the only image from 2018, and is a recreation of another photo I did the previous year. A CRJ-700 on the runway at Salt Lake City just a few days after the aircraft was added.

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed! I haven’t posted in this category before (wasn’t active when it was added) so please tell me if there’s a problem I need to fix.


Wow! I wish I had IF pro then (if that existed then). Great screenshots. Great Job!

Thanks! I believe IF Pro was added around global, but there used to be an option where you would only get the default regions and planes, but you could fly with other people. Different times!

Awesome photos, love the first one!

Thanks! The default texture looks a little close to a real mountain, oddly.