Some Personal Best IF Shots

                     **Featuring Boeing**

Aviation photography has always been one of the best interest of mine. Either in real life or in simulations. I like to analyse different camera angle to get best shots possible. Here are some pictures I would like to share with you guys.

Beautiful BA 757 taking off.

BA B77W departing Heathrow.

Qatar Airways engaging spoilers at NZAA.

Qatari turning base at NZAA.


great pictures!

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Feature Airbus next time?

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These are great!

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For sure lol.

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Thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback. πŸ˜€

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Just wondering and never found out myself but is the moon actually in game or is it just edited in?

It’s actually in the game lol.

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Okay wow, never realised that, thank you