Some people don't follow

I am really fed up with some people not following ATC instructions, Suppose if we tell them to land on some runway they repeatedly send messages for changing the runway, For such huge traffic at KLAX suppose, where we have hardly any time to rest our hands down, there if the pilots will not follow instructions would be big problem. I request the people who do this to stop doing this, nd lets have a fair play, and let the realism come in place… Please people if u do it stop it, nd if don’t do it respect the ATC…

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Welcome to the air traffic control playground. These problems don’t exist on advanced, have you thought about contacting a recruiter?

Well its quite boring in playground because there is very limited traffic… and you end up wasting your time…

Do you mean advanced?

yea sorry, btw i was mentioning playground in the above remark

if you go to an advanced region where there is ATC it gets very busy! Last night I flew on advanced in the Caribbean region where we had at least ATC Towers as well as two or more Approaches and it was pretty busy!!

took a couple of screen shots below with the traffic!




The way the approach controller is vectoring into TNCM is just BEAUTIFUL


yep its was a work of art at both ends! Had to go into a short hold for TFFR, but was all done very well!

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Ohh… i saw there was traffic in the Caribbean region but i haven’t bought that… So hope to play it some other time…!

Worth getting live +, much better value for money, plus full access to all regions and all aircraft too.

@Max Sez… This is a repetitious same old sad song Topic. The Playground will never change mixing apples with oranges is a no win situation. Remember you spend your money and take your chances! I like the Playground! With a little patience and foreknowledge you can spot the fledling Pilot & Newbe Trainee Controler and just grin and motor on. The PG has advantages, more ATC staffed regions, more opportunities to fly in a fully fleshed out ATC structured enviorment etc. The Advance is advanced in myth and name only! Once you get there you find a bare bones ATC environment, shot gunned staffed “B” towers and maybe an Approach or Departure operating in 1/2 regions if you can find them. So Boys & Girls suck it up. What you see is what you get. Don’t knock it to hard, it keeps getting better and better and if you fly by the rule so will you! Remember ya gotta, “Aviate, Navigate & Communicate”, fly by the rules and always file a Flight Plan!


Well i risk taking live plus because i will end playing IF whole day, and leave my studies aside… So i don’t wanna take that risk… If is a addicting simulator…

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I was in there somewhere as well. It was great!


Yes that is a dangerous issue!! I do get in trouble with my wife for using IF too much…

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It was @MichaelSchoelen I thought

I was in France a week back and whoever was on Atc there was Awsome whooped us all into shape had us marching like an army was really good to see well done that man /woman much respect

It wasn’t me with the times they are specifying.

It’s funny when people say “oh its just the PG being normal.” I was under the assumption that some rules on the ATC PG were enforced at least to a certain extent.

Just a few mins ago I was a tower controller KLAX on PG (ikr, probably the worst place to control on PG). Obviously, I don’t expect people to be perfect. I understand that people will make mistakes especially on this server. It is very frustrating and upsetting as a controller to have multiple pilots requesting to land on RWY 7L and R when you have inbounds on the 25s and people holding short for takeoff. Forgot to mention I asked the pilots to make left downwind 25L a million times… If you don’t want to follow the rules, go to free flight. Not that hard to figure out. I guess in essence I’m speaking to the choir… I just wish PG was a little more strict on rules. If you are gonna try to land your A380 @ 200 knots on short final then go play on free flight.

+There should be a certain amount of violations a pilot can get before having access to PG similar to advanced but not too harsh.
+Give the controller the option to report a user and have 1 more person be able to ghost. Not 3 pilots…

Overall, I feel like PG needs to beef up its enforcement. I feel like this only takes away from controllers and pilots who are trying to learn.

And yes, I’m working on becoming a controller for advanced (I know someone will ask)…


Stressful to say the least and it takes a special kinda person to do it I’m just learning to fly planes never mind controll ? 5…10…15… Mabie more .but I understand and do as I’m asked from Atc (really nice when I get a thank you for making a 360 I know it is appreciated) this is what the whole experience is about .this is why the sim exists !! There has been times when I’ve been asked to descend when I was unsure I could (over mountains) but I try …you should ghost them simple

Reminds me of a time when an approach controller @ KPSP kept spamming me to descend to 3000 but little did they know I was flying right towards a mountain.

Unable, terrain ahead!

They should add that button ;)