Some Paya lebar air base spotting!

Air Transport International combi 757 departing for Tokyo yokota Air Base!

Airbus Transport International A300 Beluga!

Latam 767 in LAN livery arriving from Honolulu for cargo conversion

Some fighters jet action

Thanks for viewing:) feel free to vote which is your favourite

Which one is ur favourite?

  • Fighter jet
  • Beluga
  • Air Transport International

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Paya Lebar in Singapore?

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This is pretty damn cool. Good stuff.

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yep QPG paya lebar air base

Cool! Would love to see it in 3D.

when i become IFAET its the first on my list xD

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Nice. I am excited.

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You’re topics never fail to impress!

Absolutely stunning!

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Absolutely superb editing on these! Such stunning shots!

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