Some Pay Problem

Operating system:
Days ago I asked a friend to help me get PRO on his iPhone for Google Play gift cards can’t be used in my country. However, after he logged in my account by community account and pay for a month PRO, his earlier subscription for a year seems to change to my game account. And his former account was gone. Minutes ago I think, my account couldn’t log in and it says my community account doesn’t link to a game account that has PRO, I wonder is this because his account was found and my subscription was cancelled or other reasons. Also, I wonder if it’s possible to have my friend get PRO for me on his Apple device.

This is a good way to really cause great confusion and trouble by having someone in a different country and operating system buy a subscription on your account. I think @schyllberg mentioned something about this before, but I couldn’t find the topic it was in. If he could elaborate on the details or link his comment from the topic which had a similar problem to this one, that would be great.

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Have you tried to log in with the same account on your play store?

or link your IFC account on the settings?

We already have a PM about this?