Some patterns works with the A319 in LJLJ

Hello everyone, during the maintenance, pilots tested the A319 by doing patterns works.

Server: Expert
Aircraft and airline: Airbus A319, Generic
Time: 21 minutes
Route: LJLJ - LJLJ

Preparing the flight


Landing for touch and go n°1

Touch and go

Landing for touch and go n°2

Touch and go

Plane crashed into a mountain

Bonus: A320 whine noise


You are super low on both landings :o


This is why, I prefer using the APPR button.

I would recommend to try to fly long finals manually (with HUD or at least checking the ILS indications) to improve rather than only use APPR all the time. Also check the forum (#tutorials) for further help.

Nonetheless, thanks for sharing your experience and pictures!

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