Some other Airport other than BJC or DEN! Spotting at KAPA - February 15, 2020

Hi all!

Today I went down to Centennial Airport (KAPA) for lunch/dinner at The Perfect Landing, and decided to bring my camera along to take some photos and catch some planes! I caught some planes that I wasn’t expecting, so stick around to see them!

Camera: Nikon DX with a 55-200 mm lens. My photo usage policy applies to all these photos.

Enjoy the photos!

Photo 1:
This Hawker 800XP (N681SC) sits on the ramp.

Photo 2:
This Cirrus Vision jet (N800BB) sits on the ramp.

Photo 3:
This ATP Cessna 172 (N1743S) taxis to the active runway while various other aircraft sit on the ramp.

Photo 4:
This Raytheon 390 (N230EC) sits on the ramp.

Photo 5:
This NetJets Bombardier CL-60 (N220QS) sits on the ramp.

Photo 6: This NetJets Bombardier BD-100-1A10 (N769QS) taxis to runway 17L, in between a Citation and an F-16 (the F-16s will return)

Special Aircraft section:
These were aircraft that I did not expect to be at APA, but they were there. Enjoy these special aircraft!

Photo 7: An Ex-Delta Connection Embraer E145 (N257JQ) awaits to be made into a new Key Lime Air Embraer E145. The last time this bird flew was May 29, 2019, from IWA to here.

F-16 time!!!
These 4 F-16 aircraft took off from here and later flew over the Colorado Avalanche Game down in Colorado Springs.
Photo 8:
This F-16 sits on the ramp.

Photo 9:
The first two of a flight of 4 leave the ramp for RWY 35R for a flight of 4 down to Colorado Springs!

Photo 10:
This F-16, the last one to leave, flies low and fast over a crowd, the runway, and a couple of aircraft.

Thanks for viewing my photos, comment down below to say which one was your favorite, and I hope to send more pictures, but on Monday from KDEN!
See ya!

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Thats amazing! Love all those different types of aircraft’s at KAPA! :D

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Nice Luke!!

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My favorite! Hope to see more outings to Centennial. Surely to find a unique collection of aircraft both transient and permanently based out of here.

Excellent job Luke!!! Well showcased. 😍💯


I love how Luke who lives up north has spotted at APA more times than I have and I live 5 minutes from APA

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Thanks Deer!

I hope to go to APA more, it’s on the other side of town for me though and can be hard to get to an event to get down there, but I’ll try!

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You’re probably my neighbor then, because I don’t live that far from APA either. 🤣


Probably 😂

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Nice shots! My favorites are the ones of F-16s 😍

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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APA is just RIL on steroids if you ask me. Great photos.

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Nice! look at all those private jets, love the F-16s too, so sleek!

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Never been to RIL so I can’t compare 🤷‍♂️

Thanks! Those were a surprise :)

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