Some other aircrafts have been invisible lately?

Sorry if this has been answered already, and I’m sorry if this should be obvious, but perhaps not to me. My question is simply, as of the last 24 hours, why is it that I see so many jets that are actually in visible when on the ground or in the air? Are these the new jets rolled out that we iOS people don’t have access to, or is someone doing beta testing live? I’m just a little confused. Thanks.

Is your airplane count on veryhigh

Download the update from your App Store :)

It was pushed yesterday


It’s because when the update shipped you have to redownload all of your planes. If there not downloaded you cant see any planes until they are all downloaded

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It’s the TBM 930, Amazing Aircraft.

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Aw, okay. So if I understand correctly, it’s basically because I use iOS, and that release hasn’t arrived yet < that’s probably the issue? If so, no big deal.

The update has arrived for both iOS and Android. Just check your App Store. If it’s not there, you could just wait it out or just see if closing the app and opening it again helps. Restarting your device may also help.
You should see the update soon though! :)

No update at the App Store (yet)

Are you sure? It was released yesterday for everyone. You might want to try to re-install the app and it should download the update.

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Try updating your device to the latest iOS. I wasn’t getting the update but when I did the software update it was there.

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