Some Old Photos From The Smithsonian Air And Space Museum


Hi everyone I found some pics from awhile back when I was at Washington D.C. these are from the Smithsonian Air And Space Museum. There are some pretty cool planes there here are some pics that I took.

Thanks for looking at these pics there is some great airplanes to look at. I hope this is the right category if not please let me know 👍🏽


Very cool! Its so cool that you can go to places and see these old aircraft…

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It just shows how far aviation has become!

Wonderful pictures! I’ve visited this museum several times before, and i’ve never been disappointed. On a side note, this topic belongs in #real-world-aviation

@Dylan_M Thanks for letting me know I have changed it, also that was my first time there that’s awesome that you’ve got to go a few times 👍🏽😁

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Would love to visit. Heard its always packed. Nice pics man

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When did you go? I went in April and all of that was closed off.😢

Oh it was before they closed this was early 2018 like February I can’t really remember the specific month but ya it was amazing you should go some time

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Yeah I was sad when I went because it was all closed for renovation so the boring part was only open. But I like the one by IAD.

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Did you use the Flight Simulator?

I went to that museum just last weekend and I took over 40 pictures there

No I didn’t 🙁

If I’m correct, the third picture is a star fighter. Seriously, it’s such a magical aircraft…

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