Some of the Coolest Aviation Facts!

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I have come across some of the weirdest but coolest aviation facts! You can use this forum post to post your aviation facts!

  • In 1987 American Airlines saved $40,000 by removing 1 olive from each salad served in first class.

  • Lufthansa is the world’s largest purchaser of caviar, buying over 10 tons per year.

  • The Boeing 747 wing-span (195 feet) is longer than the Wright Brothers first flight of 120ft.

  • Air New Zealand’s Skycouch is formed by 3 footrest like cushions to create a couch that could fit 2 people!


Post your facts below!


I already knew a few of them but the rest were still cool to know!

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Nice facts, but can you please put this in the real world aviation catagory?

Maybe cause the ryanair one is true, the airline was made for the purpose of tourism in europe, 20$ tickets and you hop on a cheap nasty old 737 and go from brussels to prauge or brussels to stanstad, you will never see ryanair operating in another continent.

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Singapore Airlines said that SQ21/22 requires approx 222,000 liters of fuel on each flight, 10 times the weight of the passengers

Boeing was started when William E. Boeing was inspired after his friends took him barnstorming?

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American retired 20 of their “Super 80s” last year. They used to have 370 in their fleet! Now they have less than 100, and are set to retire soon.

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The A380 is a flying whale.


Erich Hartman got 352 air kills in the second world war, making him the top scoring ace of all time


This could be a good original topic, let me post some found on the interwebs:
-Airlines overbook their fights to ensure that they’re full
-Water boils at 90* F on a flight
-many airlines actually don’t have a 13th row
-contrails can help predict the weather


Prior to the banning of smoking onboard aircraft the air inside the cabin was actually much cleaner do to the entire cabin air being replaced in a much shorter period.
Whereas now, the need to remove of smoke filled air is gone the cabin air has a higher concentration of bacteria and disease.


An airplane takes off or lands every 37 seconds at Chicago O’Hares International Airport. That’s almost 100 planes per hour.


Most planes don’t work in space.


Qantas A380 to Dallas isn’t the longest by distance. Air India 777 to SFO from DEL is the longest!


The two longest flights are operated by 777-200LRs belonging to asian carriers
Great circle:
Qatar Airways Auckland-Doha

Actual distance flown:
Air India DEL-SFO over the pacific


The Dallas flight is longer by Great circle but Air India’s is the longest in term of actual distance flown.

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I believe the Ai one is a dreamliner as well…


Most airports in the United States never make it to the top 10 nor the top 20 of the SKYTRAX Awards!

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The Airbus A318 has been unanimously voted as the worlds ugliest aircraft for 9 years straight

Garuda Indonesia has a runway overrun somewhere in the world every 4.5 minutes


yes the air new zealand sky couch great product